This is Pokémon Go, the ambitious AR game bringing pocket monsters to life

The seeds of Pokémon Go were first planted with an April Fools’ joke. It was 2014, and Google’s Niantic Inc., the studio behind augmented reality Android game Ingress, got a glimpse at what a Pokémon game may look like if AR technology was many years more advanced than it is today.

The Essential Guide to Integrating User Experience and Usability Testing in Agile

Over the past years, User Experience practitioners have expressed how challenging it is to run usability testing within an Agile project. However, with evolving techniques and tools you can now test frequently and effectively within an Agile environment.

Students Rename a Building After Banksy, Banksy Shows Upby Christopher Jobson on June 6, 2016

Elementary students at Bridge Farm Primary School in Bristol arrived this morning to discover an eye-opening new mural by Banksy that appeared sometime in the night, but the placement wasn’t random: the building itself bears the elusive street artist’s name.